Our teddy bears are on the water!

Teddy BearFrustrated  with receiving wire orders that include "$10.00" for a bear (that you really only see $7.30 for) and having to fill the order with a $6.50 bear!

Now the problem is solved! Well it will be in about 4 weeks when our first container of bears hit landfall. Until then they are sailing the open sea on a slow boat "from" China

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Where has all the helium gone?

If you are using helium to fill balloons you have no doubt experienced a double whammy, price increases and short supply! Is there any relief in site, apparently not. The bottom line is the domestic supply is dwindling rapidly and once it's gone, its gone. Unfortunately helium is a non-renewable resource.

So whats on the horizon and will helium still be affordable enough to sell in flowers shops ?
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