For those of you who are using Helium to fill balloons here is an update on the supply situation from SAF (Society of American Florists).

"Floral industry businesses that use helium are advised to prepare for the potential of a massive spike should this legislation take effect."

The legislation they are referring to is the "Responsible Helium Administration and Stewardship Act" (H.R.527) which is currently in bipartisan negotiations before the U.S. Congress to determine how to divvy up the U.S helium supply (where all of our helium comes from), a non-renewable resource that is in short supply. The act would create a three part approach to liquidating the nations remaining helium over the next decade. Basically for a period of one year after the legislation goes into effect it would be "business as usual", then helium would be auctioned off to designated federal agencies and bidder until the stockpile is depleted to three million cubic feet. At that level, the remaining U.S helium supply would be made available to designated bidders solely for national security and scientific purposes.

The good news is that new reserves of crude helium are coming online in Russia and around the globe, the bad news is that the additional cost of importing supplies of helium into North America will not offset the expected spike in prices. So the bottom line is that we will never return to the days of cheap helium, so no more breathing it in just to sound like Dale the Chipmunk