Wow, I thought we would never get here!
What started out as a little side project to move some extra stock has been months in the making. It has been a while since we last set up a new website and frankly we had forgotten the work involved. Worse yet we decided to do it during the flower season, working on it right through Christmas and Valentine's we didn't have enough to do already. But none the less we are finally here!

Saving MoneyOver the next weeks and months we will continue to add new products for the professional florist and flower shop, always sticking with the basics and items where we can really save a few bucks. Otherwise whats the point?

If we can't save money for everyone we might as well let our local wholesale carry the inventory. So keep watching and please if you have suggestions of products you would like to see us carry please don't hesitate to let us know.

If you do think of items we might carry, apply the following test to see if they meet out standard...
Do you realistically think that if we can save you 25% - 40% off  what you are currently paying that those savings will be enough to get you excited based on the volume of the product that you use on a regular basis? If so, let us know!