It's no secret that we are big fans of the entire line of Chrysal floral products, we have been for years. The reason is pretty straight forward, they are simply the best. No other company in the floralChrysal Floral Foam ELITE industry commits to the amount of research that Chrysal does, research that results in a superior line of products for all levels of our trade, right from the flower grower to the flower consumer, your customer.

So, when we heard that Chrysal had introduced a floral foam we had few doubts this would be the foam we would like to carry. We kept our fingers crossed that the pricing would be what we need and we were pleasantly surprised. The pricing was actually better that we had hoped for. As we began using it ourselves we realized that once again Chrysal had hit a home run and produced a floral foam that stands up against any on the market.

We don't need to tell you that when it comes to floral foam what really matters is price and performance, after all if we are doing our design work correctly the consumer never sees the actual foam.

A quality floral foam at an incredible price, the perfect combination to add the the bottom line.
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