Around the average flower shop these are a multitude of chemicals in use on a daily basis.

What kind of chemicals?
Mostly ones that are so common place that we don't even think of them as chemicals, just products we have come to know, love, and rely on to improve our business and our customers experience with our flowers. The ones that come immediately to mind are flower foods, floral adhesives, flower shop cleaning products, etc. So while we generally do not think of these products as posing any danger, better safe than sorry.

So, on the off chance that the family dog gets into the Chrysal Professional 2, or one of your little ones takes a liking to the taste of Oasis Floral Adhesive, you will need some detailed safety information about the product. That's where Material Safety Data Sheets come into play.

What is a Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS?
A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a written document that provides product users and emergency personnel with information and procedures needed for handling and working with chemicals.

So here are links to MSDS's for the applicable products that we stock. As well we have posted links on each product page to the applicable MSDS.

Floralife and Oasis Products

Floralife DCD Cleaner

Floralife Crowning Glory
FloraLock Floral Adhesive
Lomey Adhesive
Oasis Floral Adhesive
Oasis Colour Regan Spray Paint - Metallic
Oasis Colour Regan Spray Paint - Opaque

Chrysal Products

Chrysal Cleaner

Chrysal Clear Universal Flower Food, 5 gram
Chrysal Easy Dip Hydration Solution
Chrysal Gerb- Pro, CVBN Tablets
Chrysal Professional 2, Liquid Flower Food
Chrysal Professional 2,T-Bags
Chrysal Professional 3, Liquid Flower Food
Chrysal Professional 3, Powder Flower Food
Chrysal Professional Glory
Chrysal RosePro Hydration