Post Harvest Care, It's critical role in any flower shop.

Post harvest cut flower care, most of us in the cut flower trade know that its pretty important that we feed our fresh flowers, both in our shops and once the consumer has purchased the product.

But just how important is it to the overall success of the average retail flower?

The answer to that depends on whether you intend to be in the flower  business for the short term or the long haul.  If its the long haul, it a critical component to reaching that goal.
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My how times have changed for the corner flower shop

After 35 years in the floral industry I find myself having to reinvent our business and update my skills continuously. It wasn't always this hard....So what gives? When I first started in the business over three decades ago, it was pretty straight forward and a lot simpler than it is today. Florists sold flowers and floral related products, competition was usually the next flower shop down the street, and a dozen roses typically sold for $60.00 and up. Business basically came from three sources .....
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