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Arrive Alive, Simple as 1. 2. 3
Arrive Alive, Simple as 1. 2. 3

Arrive Alive Flower Transport, Triangle 100 per box

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Arrive Alive Flower Transport, Triangle
Product Number: 0022-0001
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100 per box

We have been using the Arrive Alive system for some time, and we swear by it. It beats waterpics hands down, a lot more convenient at the store level and for the consumer and it takes a fraction of the time waterpicing roses does.

A simple and effective way to ensure that the flowers that leave your shop have sufficient water to make the journey to their final destination. No more complaints from customers where hours had passed from the time they purchased the flowers to when they finally got them into water. The Arrive Alive system is like preventative medicine for your flowers, ensuring that they hydrate while in transit.
  • Hydrates flowers to improve performance and shelf life.
  • Simple and easy to use, no fuss, no muss.
  • Perceived value, protects the customer's investment and increases loyalty.
  • Holds water for days while in shipment - vertically or horizontally.
  • Less expensive than plastic containers.
  • Improve Customer Awareness regarding post harvest care and your shops attention to quality and care. A reputation builder

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