Chrysal Easy Dip is a ready-to-use liquid solution that stimulates the opening the of flower stem vessels and it is very user friendly (trust me, even we figured it out). Easy Dip does not hydrate on its own but eases the route for the flower food and water. The cut flowers are dipped for only a couple of second before putting them into flower food and water.

The idea has been around for a while and there are other products on the market designed for the same job and that probably work equally as well. So why did we choose Easy Dip? Two reasons

First we trust Chrysal products, they are world renowned and show up everywhere in the flower chain, farm, wholesaler, retailer, we all use the brand.
Secondly, and as equally as important from where we sit  ....PRICE!

Best of both worlds, a product from the world leader in flower post harvest care and the opportunity to save a few bucks....can't ask for more than that!

We all know that better hydration results in reduced bent neck, improved appearance, and longer flower life for our customers, all good things that over time add to the bottom line!

So we have taken the high road when it comes to all aspects of post harvest care and never fall prey to the false economy of saving a few pennies on a sale by scrimping on flower care. Personally we think it has paid off, and so do our customers. This is one of the advantages that we feel that as a small independent shop we have over the big guys. Frankly we don't have a head office accountant breathing down our necks about adding a couple of cents of cost onto a $30.00 sale. We simply do what we believe is best for our customers.

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