The 80/20 rule, make it work in your shop

Like every other aspect of business when it comes the basic supplies in a flower shop the old 20/80 rule seems to apply to making money. 

20% of the individual hardgood items you stock probably account for 80% of your non-perishable supply purchases. At least it seems to work that way for us.

So how does this help us all save a few bucks?

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We survived our launch online!

Just over a month since we officially went online and things are going well, as well as could be  expected. We have had a few hiccups but all very minor. Based on the response we have experienced from florists it is apparent that our pricing is a hit!

Good thing too, as we have lots more product on order and on the way!
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We are launching....finally

Months in the making.... but finally we are ready to launch our website and start
saving Odyssey is launchingour fellow flower retailers some serious money on their floral hardgood purchases.

Like many good things in life we are starting small on a hope and a prayer that other florists are as interested in saving money as we are. As you peruse our website you will find a number of very basic products that virtually every retailer of flowers purchases on a regular basis. Everyone of these items were purchased by us because we knew the savings we would realize on them would go straight to our bottom line.
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A bright idea to grow your bottom line

A Bright IdeaWhat is Odyssey?

Just a little about the "method behind our madness" and why we created Odyssey as a way of saving money, for ourselves and our fellow flower retailers. Lets face it, in today's tight economy and in the flower industry we can all use a little help, and every penny counts in a business of pennies.
So we have been very busy watching our pennies everywhere we can on hardgood purchases and we invite other flower retailers to join us.
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