As a florist in today's world I imagine if you are like us you are always looking for ways to add to the bottom line, or in some cases just to ensure you that your bottom line is not a negative one! I am the first to admit that this is easier said than done, particularly since selling flowers is no longer the exclusive retail venue of the florist. In fact only recently I read that approximately 60% of retail flower purchases are made by the consumer at grocery stores, worse yet a mere 26% are made at the neighbourhood florist.
Wow! That's scary, to say the least.

So, since we can't turn back the clock to the "good old days" when retail flower buyers visited their local florist for flowers and the supermarket for milk and bread, what do we do?

Well in our retail flower business our plan of attack is multi faceted, and means we work on both the top and the bottom. From the top we continue to market, provide superior
Save A buck
customer service and product, use social media to spread the word, and make sure that we are truly part of our community. We hope that all of this ensures customer loyalty and continued growth in sales. Key words are "we hope", but since a business does not run on hope.....

From the bottom we are watching our costs, after all if we can't grow sales as quickly as we would like and our market share is under attack, we can certainly try to decrease the amount of money going out each month. One of the ways we have achieved this is by simply buying some of our common non perishable florist supplies at a bit of a savings. Our logic is simple, we are using the products anyway, so every penny saved goes directly to the bottom line where we all prefer to see it in our flower shops. It is not our intention to do away with the local wholesaler, geez louise we need the local guy as much as any flower shop,

Yes, yes, I know we are not the first to come up with this idea, but we believe we are the first to find a practical way to share it with other florists, Odyssey Product Imports.
So after you have had an opportunity to look around our website hopefully you will share our enthusiasm for saving a buck on basic florist supplies and join us in our quest.